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Field Stories

Opening Day Bow Harvest after 2 years down time.

Archery season opened in the southern zone here in NY on Saturday 10/15/2011. I am happy to say I was able to harvest my biggest buck I have ever taken with a bow. He is an 8 ptr dressed out at 155 lbs taken at 22 yards with my Pearson Z-32 R2B2 cams.

I am also very happy due to the fact I have been out of service for 2+ years with a major back injury wich has caused me to have major back surgeries over the past 2 years. I had my lower back fused in April 2009, now having two five inch titanium rods with 6 pins attatched to my spine.

This is the first year, 2011, I have been able to get back in the field. It has been tough times, because it is now alot harder for me to walk and be mobile enough to get out in the woods. Thanks to great friends they pushed me and helped me get into the woods again.

I love my pearson bows, I currently personally own 8 Pearsons. I don't shoot anything else!      Rod