Our Bows


The 2013 Ben Pearson MarXman has been designed and built to provide an absolutely uncompromised answer to all of the demands of 3-D archers everywhere. At 37 1/2" axle to axle and 7" brace height, it has proven to be the most forgiving and accurate bow while not taking the typical target bow speed sacrifice with IBO speeds breaking 320 feet per second. Shooters will also not be required to change the strings and cables, as they would be with most other bows, due to the MarXman boasting custom made strings and cables made by industry leading manufacturer, Proline. The MarXman is also equipped with our X1 Pocket system, which is the tightest locking pocket system on the market that enables the MarXman to perform at its highest level regardless if the limb bolts are bottomed out or four turns out. The MarXman is equipped with our Legend cams, which give the MarXman a perfect balance of a smooth draw cycle and blazing target bow speeds. The Legend cams on the MarXman boast dual limb draw stops that give it an amazing rock solid wall as well as a wide range of micro adjustable draw length, letoff, and valley. The MarXman's slim line Accugrip allows for perfect connection to the archer's hand while remaining torque free. Shoot the MarXman yourself, and you too will find it to be the hardest aiming, 12 seeking, highest performing machine you'll ever shoot! [Specs]

Stealth II

A hunting bow requires steadiness, stability, speed, and silence. The Stealth II excels in all aspects. The torque free riser with generous but strong machined openings provides a steady sight window through wind or shooter error. The X1 limb pocket is the most consistent available securing the Flex Limbs to the riser beyond parallel allowing a stable, jump-free release. The Flex Limbs combined with the lightweight Stealth cams with interchangeable modules allow for a smooth draw, comfortable let-off, and solid wall that creates speed and yet remains silent. Get your hands on a Stealth II from Ben Pearson Archery and experience the best kept secret in bowhunting. [Specs]

Advantage III

The Advantage III is the third generation of one of Ben Pearson Archery's greatest bows blending a balance of strength, performance, speed, and accuracy. We have taken the ideal tournament bow and made it better utilizing the smallest torque free grip on the market on a computer engineered FlowThru Riser that provides superb balance and weight. The Advantage III employs our X1 Limb Pocket with split limbs in combination with the Legend Cams to allow for a wide range of adjustment in the valley and let-off. Don't just seek an advantage over the competition, grab an Advantage III. [Specs]


Ben Pearson Archery has a history of introducing youth to the sports of archery and bowhunting. The Cadet continues this tradition as the perfect youth bow. It has the adult qualities of shooting a blazing 273 fps (IBO) and offers a 70% let-off with the utilization of its split limb design and engineered riser and cams. The Cadet grows with the child and features a full 10 inches of draw length adjustment without purchasing other parts or modules. Limbs are available in 20 lb, 30 lb, and 40 lb draw weights, allowing a more formidable bow as the child strengthens. The Cadet can be used for bowhunting as well as competition. [Specs]


The Kraken was a mythological beast of no equal that ruled the depths of the oceans. The Kraken by Ben Pearson is no myth however! Its adjustable draw weights and 7-1/8 brace height along with either a zero let-off (for snap shooting) or 70 Percent let-off Rapture Cam makes it the ultimate weapon to tame the deep. Whether you are carp, gar, rays, or gators, you need to Release the Kraken! [Specs]